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     These guys did a really good job with the carpet cleaning they did at my property. They were able to remove all stains. The carpet looks new. Their rates are affordable as well. I would absolutely use their cleaning services again.
Emmett Lance21/05/2020
     Thank you Carpet Cleaner New Addington team for going out of your way to help me replace my old carpet with the new rug. Your team of cleaners is the best. I'll recommend you in a heartbeat.
     Have you ever managed an end of tenancy clean during a move, which in itself is tough? I had and I didn't want to do it again. For my latest move, I called up New Addington Carpet Cleaning Services and hired them to do the cleaning work for me. The cleaners came to my house and did everything from vacuuming to eliminating stains. Meanwhile, I worked on packing and moving goods while they did the cleaning. The job was done on time and the results were great. The next time I move, I won't even hesitate before I call them for help.
Yvonne Smith27/05/2015
     I will be the first one to admit that house cleaning was always that kind of task I could never perform. I am a great cook, I have a wonderful career, 2 beautiful high school children - and yet, house cleaning always gets last on my list. Since I do care about the way my house looks, I call for the service offered by NewAddingtonCarpetCleaners twice a month and that has worked great for me. Thank you, you are brilliant!
Marianne 17/03/2015
     I've always hosted dinner parties and entertained guests as part of my corporate job, but I always struggled with clearing up all the plates and food after the parties. I found NewAddingtonCarpetCleaners to help me though, they provide one of the best services I've ever experienced, and my kitchen hasn't looked cleaner since it was newly installed! The most difficult and tiresome part of my dinner parties has been eliminated, meaning I can sit back and enjoy the time I spend with friends and colleagues, rather than dreading the aftermath!
F. Thomas04/09/2014
     If you're looking for help with cleaning your home (and who isn't?) then there is only really one company to call. After trying loads of different options, it became quite clear that NewAddingtonCarpetCleaners were the best option for me. The service which they managed to deliver every single time means that I never have to worry about getting rid of stains or marks or anything which might be bothering me in the flat. They really provide a great service and I cannot thank them enough for everything which they've managed to do to help out me and my home.
Donald Wright04/06/2014

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